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Anthroposophic Nursing 

Anthroposophic nursing is a holistic approach to health and illness, taking into account not only the physical body, but also the client's life, soul and spiritual condition. Sessions focus on supporting and strengthening an individual's capacity for self-healing. Care and support offered by nurses involves a conscious nursing attitude, the rhythmical application of biodynamic oils and external applications with plant substances.  This form of Nursing Care has been practiced in European Healing Facilities and Hospitals for Decades.

Discover the Wisdom of Traditional European Medicine Right Here in Silicon Valley.

Laurie has been studying Anthroposohic nursing since 2009.  She became one of the first five nurses to be certified as an Anthroposophic Nurse in America in 2012 and completed her Anthroposophic Nurse Specialist Training in 2017.  She is pleased to be able to offer this high level of deeply nourishing care to her client..





External Applications

Plant based and gentle, compresses on the abdomen or back, warm and soothe or provide gentle stimulation enhancing balance and promoting relaxation and rejuvenation. Nursing Assessment, evaluation and consultation required to determine the compress that will best meet your needs.

Introductory Special: Series of 7 for $300.00.  Includes consultation, in office application and wrap to use at home after the sessions are complete. Regularly: $350.00.  Allow approximately one hour for a compress.




Foot Baths

Experience nurturing as you soak your feet in warm, biodynamic bath oil. Warmth is the key and is supported by being wrapped in a flannel sheet as your feet and calves experience an oil designed to stimulate and get you ready for your day, or relax you and let your cares dissipate.  The foot bath is followed by a gentle application of oil to the lower calves and feet and a rest period. 

 Introductory Special:  $30.00 Regularly $45.00  Allow approximately 45 minutes.

Laurie Schmiesing RN. Anthroposophic Nursing
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