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"Feeling open to having a new BodyTalk practitioner and taking advantage of Laurie's intro special we feel blessed to have found her. We, means 2 adults and 3 children raging in age from 56, 47, 14, 11 to 6. Each of comes to Laurie with our individual issues, yet we know we are all connected and Laurie addresses this too in her sessions. Her care has helped our teenage daughter to find relief from her monthly migraines (they are gone).  Our younger kids have found support for tummy aches, coughs that won't stop seemingly, tension and school stresses or night mares. Laurie has a very caring, gentle nonjudgmental and open style. She does not interfere with the guidance of the body's energies and we feel safe during her sessions, understood and supported.  A genuine endorsement by our 6 year old son sums it all up:  "She is awesome, she is really cool and everyone likes her."  


"Laurie Schmiesing is an insightful BodyTalk Practitioner who uses her intuitive listening skills to hear all that is communicated verbally and non-verbally.  Laurie taps into the immediate need(s) of the body; physical, emotional and spiritual stimulating the innate wisdom of the body to bring forth that which needs to be healed, released and re-patterned.  After a BodyTalk session, I feel an overall sense of wellness and clarity.  I have experienced healing in my relationships, my physical body and my emotional body."  


"I have been in treatment for tick borne illness/lyme disease for over 7 years. I started working with Laurie a year ago to help my body heal from the side effects of antibiotics and deal with the daily pains of tick borne illness.  Laurie has brought a whole new level of healing to my journey - both physical and spiritual.  A hallmark of tick borne illness is strange pains that move around the body at random.  Those pains have repeatedly disappeared after one session. Laurie's BodyTalk knowledge, her background as a nurse, her healing arts knowledge, her continual study and education of the healing arts and her dedication to be a healer have all come together to help me progress on this journey.  My latest tests show MAJOR improvement.  I would not be here today without Laurie's help. I have total confidence and highly recommend her!!!" 

"I have been having BodyTalk sessions with Laurie for over three years and always find her sensitive, focused, caring and thoroughly trained in the BodyTalk process.  Our work is a fundamental part of my on-going self-development and healing.  Thank you, Laurie."    

"Laurie is an experienced professional.  She practices and teaches with kindness, depth, and insight. I highly recommend her. "  

"I heard about about BodyTalk, and I was very curious about it.  During my first session and those that followed, I was mesmerized by Laurie's great intuition and the peace I started feeling after some emotions were released." 

"Laurie's expertise is broad and powerful; she is able to weave many threads into every BodyTalk session.  I always leave feeling relaxed, heard, and supported by her and by Spirit".  

"Before working with Laurie, I felt like I had an inner me and an outer me.  Inner me was filled with ideas, creativity, fervor and purpose, but was always trapped. Outer me was hustling to be successful in the world. Classes, courses, books and experts never could connect the two. Laurie could and it’s changed my life forever…thank goodness.”

"I used to go to the chiropractor every 5-6 weeks to have my hip adjusted, this went on for years. The chiropractors had diagnosed me with one leg 3/4 of an inch shorter than the other, and this led to my hips and pelvis becoming misaligned, generating pain when I walked. Over time, the adjustments the chiropractors made lasted shorter amounts of time, and often seemed to make the pain worse instead of better. When I started seeing Laurie regularly I mentioned it to her, at the time I was in such pain I could not even lie in bed without terrible hip pain. After her first session on my hips, the pain subsided and within a few days the pain was GONE! Every once in awhile I have a little bit of hip pain, but as soon as Laurie does a session, I am pain free again...for MONTHS. It's now been over 6 months since I have had any hip pain, and have not been to the chiropractor in 2+ years." 

"My work with Laurie over the two years has yielded amazing results, actually I would say more on the level of miracle healings for me. While receiving sessions I was able to successfully get pregnant with IVF the first time. The sessions helped me immensely process the huge doses of hormones that were necessary for the process. She has also been helping me with my PMDD an extreme form of PMS. After two sessions my PMS symptoms reduced 50%. She also has helped me clear some emotional traumas and spiritual growth supporting me in feeling more alive and expressive in my life. Laurie is knowledgeable, very intuitive and gifted."

"I’m continuously amazed that a single hour’s session can be so transformative. Laurie’s precise sensitivities and comprehensive background allow her to efficiently hone in issues. Laurie’s generous and gentle spirit create a safe and healing space for working through issues of body and soul." 

"I have worked with Laurie for over a year now and her BodyTalk skills and intuitive power have enabled me to discover and release many old wounds freeing my body to heal itself. Her knowledge as a nurse seems to augment and enrich her capacity to understand and get to the root of the matter. I sincerely believe I was able to avoid a serious illness with her help and support. I am grateful for the gift of her wisdom." 

"I brought my son (11) to Laurie to help him with his night terrors. She was great with him, very gentle and patient. The night terrors were gone after only 2 sessions." 

"Laurie is an amazing person who is a great listener and has a deep understanding of the human nature and beyond! Her intuition and skills have helped me with many problems over the last three years.Thank you!"

Individual results vary. My promise is that I will walk your path with you. Sessions do not diagnose or treat any illness nor do they replace care or evaluation by a physician.~ Laurie

                                                         CLASS TESTIMONIALS

"Thank you Laurie. My daughter and I came to your Access class. For me it was a very helpful re-take and great refresher and it deepened my ability to support my own health and my families’.

My daughter is 15 and she got a lot out of the class. She wants to study medicine and the class gave her a good insight into wellness." M.H.

"I thoroughly enjoyed Laurie’s series of classes on the Divine Feminine. Laurie provides insightful teachings from various sources, as well as her own experience, that spark self-reflection and conversation. She is skillful in creating a safe, welcoming  space that invites authentic sharing among participants. I always came away with a feeling of calm relaxation from both the dialogue and the group healing session Laurie provided at the end of each class."S.L.

"I recently completed BodyTalk Access training taught by Laurie. The class moved at just the right pace. Laurie offered great insights to each technique, gently walking us though till we "got it". Her love & respect for the body's innate wisdom came though in everything she said and did. I would encourage anyone thinking about working with or taking classes from her to listen to their own innate & sign up for her class." C.A.

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